Please No hosting for another league while on brats staff!

Also Due to conflict of interest if you are an admin or staff member of another league we can not allow you to be a staff member with brats!

You must belong to and participate in tours of Pogobrats
for a minimum of
30 days before you can become a TD. (the only
exception to this is if you are an experienced
TD and known to pogobrats admin.)

But most important
is that you show support for PogoBrats.

Requirements..As hosts you are required to do 2 tours a week and htds are required to host 3 a week.
And you are required to play in tours also to show support.
Td's are required to play in at least 2 tours a week
and HTD's are required to play in at least 2 tours a week.
Be courtious at all times , you are an example
to all players. Keep the lobby ‘light’. Adding
please, ty, lol, and a form of endearment [i.e.
hon, luv, sweetie] helps with this.

You MUST have IM, macros and e-mail ability
in order to be a TD.

Obtain a marcos program ... they are necessary
in order to do advertising and game rules.
Other TD’s will help
you with the marcos if necessary.

Link to macro program
you need lite version
Another Macro program
This is link to tds helping tds alot of valuble info is here.

Taking screenshots is a must for proof of drama or any trouble in lobby's
If you need help learning how, ask your trainer

Be on time for tours. At least 30 min before
time to start
to addy your tour, help players get reg , etc.
you may host any game you like.
Please preset tours when possible and check share calendars before setting tours
Always put Rules on Rules page!!
Acquire a list of players and their ims. One of us can send our list to you if necessary. Just
Share your player information with other TD (and only other TD’s) .

Make an effort to help all TD’s

Be as current with e-mail addresses, IM names and player status as possible.
Read your email everyday
We may have important news you need to know
Advertise your own tours...this is a part of the TD’s responsibilities in holding a tourney.
Send links for tours in intervals of
1hour before start
30mins before start
then only again if you need more players
Keep spams short with link to tour page
Don't spam other hosts tours unless they haven't done so and ask you to
Other Htd's and td's or admin will help you if you
need it but it is the host’s responsibility. Don't make them do all the work.

Do Not set tours you don't have time to run!!
If emergency comes up it is understandable.
And someone will help you move your tour.
But in setting a tourney, you are giving your commitment to be there!

IF you set a tourney
and do not show up to run it….after 3 consecutive times you
will be boxed for 3 days
another offense you will be removed as TD.

Please do not multi-task while hosting
Your undivided attention is required to be a good host.

Try to support other TD’s tourney’s as much as
possible (be there to play in them and assist
with problems if asked)

Obtain Trillian it's free
to be able to use them to advertise your tourneys
and communicate with other brats and staff

Answer all questions on application!!
We will not accept blank application

All of our games are linkable to their respective rooms.
In other words if you click on the name of the game it will take you to our room.

Just below the games is a link to "Game Room Locations".
When you set up your tour please add the name of the game too.
You may need to shorten some things to make it fit. ( ex. temp for temporary).

Scroll down further on the page and you will see our hosts log in space.

Scroll down further on left side click on "GETTING STARTED".
You will need to know how to talk someone through signing up.
They must use their pogo names.

They need to click on free sign up,fill out all info and check off as many boxes as they can to get buxs to start with.
Then they wait and go to their email and activate the code. If they get no code then they must ask one of us to activate them.

If you need to check on someones buxs then click on "THE LADDER".

"Find Player" is a useful tool to find a player and find what rank they are.

From there go to "STANDINGS". Locate the member and you will see how many buxs they have.
Some people will not tell the truth about their buxs so please check first.

Next is "DAILY RESULTS" that will tell us who joined, who withdrew or who was purged from league.

Now click on "TOURNAMENT"
The tour calendar you will see all tours and times for up to 30 days.

Tournament LadderBux Log you can type in anyones name and see their buxs.

THE "DIRECTORS"is where you can check on who is a host and how many games they've held.

Now in the center of the page is our "Announcements"for the league.

On the right is the STAFF minis.

Scroll down a little more you will find the tour calendar.

Scroll down again you will find the winner circle on the left.

On the left you will find some other brats links that you may be interested in knowing.

Almost done hang in there.

Scroll down again and you will find " BRATS INFORMATION" on the left.
This is where our "Macros" are and "Game Rules" and the "League Rules".


Thanks for Applying,
PogoBrats Admin and Staff